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From: john austin
2009-10-16 | 01:30:25

George Godding clued me in about your site! Yes. old Back Street Beat George!! Glad to see you're doing fine at what you love doing. Sounds great ! But of course you always did. I still have fond memories of you and me figuring out "clever songs" like Pretty Ballerina or Friday on My Mind in the basement of the house in Newton. I'm still playing weekends, at this time with a 7 pc that has horns. Tower of Power, B.S.T, you know... Well if I ever see that the Mighty Mezz is coming back this way I'll be there!! Take care you talented devil !
Your sometimes too busy bass playing, back street beat buddy. John Austin ( Dot and little John say Hi! , I'm still playing that old Precision)

From: gianna
2009-07-27 | 04:56:38

i need to sign in mezz.

From: mone
2009-07-16 | 01:15:53

whats good sasha and kay kay this is from yo girl mon

From: Sebastian
2009-06-30 | 15:36:10

Hi there!
Long time no see. And actually, it's been quite a while since the last news from you came up ;-) So I was just sitting here, listening to your music and I was wondering how the recordings for the new album are going... Can't wait 'til it will finally be released, I'm sure it'll be awesome, yeah! :D

Rock on guys!
Seb (from Northern Germany *g*)

From: mezzilla
2009-03-02 | 05:18:04

people have been calling me mezz for years,my real name is jaymz.a freind started calling me jay-mezz and i just shortend and it stuck.look me up on myspace,

From: swb
2008-11-09 | 15:41:56

uncle freddy

thank you for your huge love, inspiring passion for rock and ultimate hospitality

it was an honor to be on stage with you again

you are my hero

huge love and great respect

sweet willie bassman

From: HaJo
2008-11-02 | 13:12:15

tolles Konzert gestern (01.11.08) in Reitwein - DANKE!!!

From: cc
2008-10-06 | 21:43:51

who is jeff

From: cc
2008-10-06 | 21:41:27

i just got a new is so cute

From: JimmyJamesFlames
2008-09-06 | 13:27:40

HypnoErotica was your very best album ever. I bled through the nose for those Worcester gigs with
Rickettsia Haddaditbad. Do they register? I recorded The Everyday as an outake/warmup with Ike
Willis of the Frank Zappa Band, but of course we couldn't use it. It was just to establish the vibe for the session. Shoulda been there.

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