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From: kathrin
2008-01-25 | 12:31:42

From: Mona
2008-01-24 | 20:08:11

Hi Ihr!

Wer weiss, wann es ne neue CD gibt? Die Mucke klingt gut...

From: Breuler
2008-01-22 | 16:54:16

he das war so geil, da stimm ich dir zu Mr. Piepske!

From: Piepske
2008-01-22 | 16:50:33

Oh men, I loved that show... cannot wait till you guys come on tour again. So what r the plans for 2008??? By any chance will u play in NRW... if not I will still come to yr concerts down south!!! One day I might be as groovy as the front row chicks... hey girls r u in fan club?

From: Merkovic
2008-01-21 | 23:19:32

From: Christoph
2008-01-20 | 18:52:07

Hello Mr Mezzrow,

just found your home page. Heard your band must be 12 Years ago or so in Memmingen (you had that crazy long haired drummer). Remember that gig ever since! Tried to perform "back it up" with my band but could never play it half as cool as you do.

So good to find out that you still perform! Do you have a tour schedule for 2008? I must come to one of your shows soon!! Do you still have that white Strat? Is it a squier??


From: Jeff
2008-01-16 | 13:37:00

Hey Mike, send me your email address and I'll send you the lyrics no prob. Nice to hear from you!

From: Mike Matheis
2008-01-15 | 21:22:29

From: Babs
2008-01-02 | 13:05:23

Was fun......after all these years

2007-12-16 | 14:04:33


you are great, we see us 26.12.07 in Memmingen...

good luck !!!!

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