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From: angel
2007-12-15 | 16:19:53

ha can you make a 3rd person but with out useing a emal addres

From: hellobello
2007-12-12 | 02:54:01

Hab gerade Bock bekommen mal wieder zu einem Gig zu gehen, vielleicht ende Monat in BC oder MM? Greeetinxxxx an Mercovic and the restlich Gutenzell-Crew. Mezz roxxxx!

2007-12-05 | 12:36:24

Hi Jeff,

I'm surprised to see that you on the road again in germany.
i hope to see you in Memmingen or Leutkirch in december '07

cu hj

From: Tom
2007-11-15 | 18:34:50

Wow ! I was going through my music and found my "She's to die for" CD. I put that baby in right away and rocked. Saw you guy's at the Subway in Karlsruhe around 97-98. Someone from the band asked if there was any Americans out there and I was the only one who yelled "Hell Ya". Glad to know you are still rockin.

From: Liz and Adam Mujica
2007-11-09 | 18:03:13

Hi Mezz,

We've been looking all over for your e-mail address and could not find it.
Need to give you some news about an old friends passing.
Give us a call if you can or e-mail us.

Hope all is well with you and your family.
Hope to talk soon.


From: matt thorsen
2007-11-01 | 21:51:20

Hey Jeff. I stumbled onto this. Don't know if you remember. I'm steve thorsen's little brother.

just got my fill of the mezzrow sound. Still sounds amazing. Steve and I still talk about Different stories and Wounded love

man we loved those songs

hope you're doing well


From: Florian
2007-09-30 | 12:13:13

Hi Jeff
maybe you can remember the boy in Frauenau, in the Gistl.
You have signed my CD.
It was a great evening!!!
You're best!!

From: Rolf
2007-09-14 | 02:11:58

From: Markus
2007-07-08 | 18:10:38

Wo bleibt eure neue CD??? Es gibt einige die ungeduldig darauf warten...

Rock on!

From: philp
2007-03-03 | 11:42:40

hey guys your music is great !
The style of you page is coll too!
I'm a pupil of Rolo Ruck ;)

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