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From: ERIC
2006-09-09 | 17:49:42

From: Sebastian
2006-09-05 | 17:45:53

From: Fabe
2006-08-29 | 02:30:17

Hola Jeff y Eva!!!
Just wanna send you some greetings from Barcelona!!!
Hope you re doing fine...

Fabe Rendering

From: Schliemann Pedro
2006-08-28 | 12:34:12

Hey Jeff!
Are you still welding? That table you made for me back in, I think, '92 has broken. (One too many table dances if you know what I mean) I was hoping you were still making furniture. I could use a new Mezztisch!. (It can be as crazy as the last one.) Remember when you used to sell the stuff right up on stage during the gigs? Awesome! You should do that again.
Anyway, you rock, as always, but dust off that welding mask and make me somethin! I pay good.

-the Schlee

From: East Coast Billy Close
2006-06-11 | 23:18:03

New band looks and sounds great! MEZZ ROXXX!

From: C
2006-05-05 | 17:11:58

Will be Videos added at this page someday? i saw you guys at the bullwinkel in oberstdorf. great great great, just the right kind of music, it was just perfect.

well lets do a bit commercial for me. check out the internet radio station

From: Corinne
2006-05-05 | 12:45:46

From: Laura
2006-05-02 | 09:25:50

Hi everybody!

hab den abend im rockhouse wirklich genossen, fantastische musik und nette menschen!bin schon gespannt auf den gig in schladming, also bis bald, laura

From: Daniel
2006-05-01 | 02:17:55

I saw you in the bocksaal in leutkirch yesterday
and a other great guitar player said that you (Jeff) will be better than Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page together.
Maybe but you are and that is the truth a extra wonderful guitar player


From: Ulf
2006-04-28 | 14:59:31

Hi! Great sound, great songs, great musicians, great party!!! Thank you for all that yesterday in the linde weingarten!!! best regards Ulf

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